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2022 Jewelry Trends: Joyful and Playful

Watching this year’s fashion trends has been a delightful experience. Everything is colorful, cheerful and full of joy. The same goes for jewelry and accessories. Wear what you want, how you want and as much as you want. The bottom line is to accessorize your outfits to reflect your sparkle and shine. We’re talking layers of multicolored craft like beads. chunky bangles and statement necklaces that rock your look. Take a look at the latest trends that will fill your day with joy.

Layered Necklaces: More is more when it comes to your neck. After all, in this Zoom everything world, you want your neck up to look gorge. This is where the fun starts. Mix and match necklaces to create total dimension dynamite. For example, a chunky bohol necklace, a vintage bib, and a dainty chain create a striking trio.

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls: It’s all about pearls! There’s a new buzzword on the fashion street, and it’s all about classic pearls. Pearlcore is a new term for combining strands of pearls, different lengths, colors, and sizes to class things up a bit. The sky's the limit to how many strands you wear. Mix and match with other jewelry to create a look for the ages. BTW, pearls look awesome wrapped around your wrist and your waist, too. Don't forget your pearl earrings. Studs are always in, but look for dangly pearls that are flirty and move when you do.

Stacking bracelets: Your neck isn’t the only thing to bring your outfit layers of joy. Get those bracelets out and stack different styles together on those beautiful wrists. Stack resin, enamel, beads with silver and gold. Don’t forget your favorite rosary bracelet to customize your stack!

Hoop Earrings Rule: This trend is especially exciting for fashionistas with multiple ear piercings. Silver and gold hoops are classics that will always elevate your outfit, but it's the hoops that are colorful with artistic touches that are getting nods from designers. Plus wearing multiple hoops at once, call it ear stacking, brings attention to your beautiful face.

Energizing Enamel: Enamel finishes on jewelry are another feminine and flirty way to accessorize your look. Pastel colors, vibrant blasts of color energize any outfit. How about a lollipop-inspired ring, electric blue bracelet, or radiant red hoop earrings to elevate any outfit. Or opt for a multicolored floral piece that totally brings your whole look together.

Signet Rings: Once reserved for gentlemen of a time gone by, a signet ring is one of the hottest accessory trends for 2022. Everyone from red carpet celebs to royals like Meghan Markle is sporting one. Whether it's your family initials or your horoscope sign, this personalized blast from the past is back in style, and we're in love. Check your grandma's house for a family heirloom or create your own to let your individual personality shine. The best news is this classic will never go out of style...just like you!

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